Apolaki Dirty Boxing Crash Course


Waterloo Action Centre, Waterloo


This event is not currently available
Apolaki Dirty Boxing Crash Course

It's time to whoop some ass

Have you ever contemplated on picking up a martial art but thought karate and boxing are too mainstream? Well here's a suggestion for you. Apolaki Dirty Boxing is a unique blend of Filipino Boxing, Pencak Silat, Western Boxing and Muay Thai, giving you an explosive and dynamic self-defence system. In this terrific course you will be inducted in a fun, exciting and most of all effective martial discipline that will boost your confidence and give any prospective attackers something to think about. Class sneak peek: - how to create and identify openings - how to defend against punches and kicks whilst launching a counter attack simultaneously so you can setup a nasty combination of finishing moves - how to confuse and off balance your opponent using body manipulations whilst unleashing a barrage of strikes

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