Backyard Cinema Apocalypse: 28 Days Later + A Drink


Secret Location in Vauxhall, South London., It's a secret


This event is not currently available
Backyard Cinema Apocalypse: 28 Days Later + A Drink

It's time to resurrect your social life because things are getting spooky...

Hey YPlanners, we know you like spontaneity, so how about a four hour dose of spooky cinema complete with live actors, zombie-apocalypse style, to entertain you this evening? Well if you dare book the Backyard Cinema this is just what you’ll get – complete with street food and a bar full of craft beer. Expect a knuckle-whitening film at this mental End Of The World party where you’ll have to work your way through quarantine in the secret testing facility. Avoiding the zombie cages, you’ll have to keep your wits about you if you wanna make it to the end of the night. Over 18s only. The secret location will be revealed to you after booking...but we can tell you it's an East London joint so it's gonna be pretty cool indeed. Shhh. Your ticket includes one drink.

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