Backyard Cinema Presents: World War Z

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Camden Lock Market, Camden


This event is not currently available
Backyard Cinema Presents: World War Z

A grown-up zombie movie, which has the smarts to back up the action

"World War Z is... as smart, shifty, and scary as a starving zombie ready to chow down on you..."

- Rolling Stone Magazine
Backyard Cinema are getting ready for the apocalypse. They're screening creepy films that might make you jump out of your skin. Tonight, Brad Pitt stars in World War Z as former UN employee, Gerry Lane. When a zombie outbreak hits Philadelphia, and shows signs of spreading worldwide, Gerry is hauled back in to work on finding a cure. What follows is an action packed 1 hour and 55 minutes, as Gerry speeds around the world, killing zombies, rescuing his crew, and basically being bad-ass. This is a blockbuster that has a huge scope, and pulls it off well. Best available seating. Your ticket includes a drink.

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