Backyard Cinema Presents: Zombieland


Camden Lock Market, Camden


This event is not currently available
Backyard Cinema Presents: Zombieland

A zombie movie that will tickle your funny bone...if it doesn't get eaten first

"A brisk, buoyant, infectious comedy with braaaains. Tuck in."

- Film 4
A virus has swept through the world turning 99% of the population into zombies. Typical. It’s down to four survivors to hook up and journey to LA to find a safe haven free from flesh-eating monsters. This all-star cast features Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Jesse Eisenberg. They each make perfect use of their comic timing and dry humour. What more do you need from a film that is often funny, often chaotic, and features a Bill Murray cameo? Nothin'. Best available seating. Your ticket includes a glass of wine or beer.

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