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Big Film + Big Burger

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Big Film + Big Burger

An exploration of what what it really means to be Big

''Big features believable young teenage mannerisms from the two real boys in its cast, and this only makes Mr Hanks's funny, flawless impression that much more adorable. "

- The New York Times
This collaboration between TPA, PGU and The Extraordinary Travelling Film Show pulls out all the stops. Combining an Oscar-nominated movie, food and a talk, these events magicians have created an unmatched experience. Playing Grown Ups invites you to take a ticket from the Zoltar machine and be transported towards finding out what it really means to be Big. You will be exploring your inner adult through participating in the social study, listening to stories of growth from real grownups and watching a screening of the '80s classic Big, starring Tom Hanks. The speakers includes the founder of PGU Kitty de la Beche, life coach and Inspirational speaker Sophie Sabbage; plus professional storyteller Glenys Newton. Burger + Hard Shake tickets include, well, a big burger and a hard shake. Oh and also ice cream and popcorn! Weren't expecting that were ya? The burger options are as follows: - The Veggie Stack: halloumi, peppers, aubergine - Seasoned Burger: beef patty with salt, pepper + a wee bit of bone marrow Here's your choice of hard shakes: - Mango, rum + coconut - Vanilla, bourbon + cinnamon Certificate: PG. Runtime: 1 hour 44 minutes.

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