Chessboxing: Ringside Seats

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Chelsea Old Town Hall, Chelsea


This event is not currently available
Chessboxing: Ringside Seats

A sporting hybrid unlike any you've ever seen

What started out as a joke in an Amsterdam art gallery has since flourished into a fully fledged sporting event. A simple concept really: play four minutes of chess followed by two minutes of boxing. The one who reigns victorious does so either by knockout or checkmate. Tonight, top players like Matt "Crazy Arms" Read and James "The Chelsea Chainsaw" Pope are getting competitive. And don't forget about the interval cabaret and legendary after-party DJs. It's a charity raising event jam-packed with a punch. Pun most definitely intended. Ringside seats. Over 18s only. Proceeds from this event support the charitable activities of Yellobric and The Chessboxing Organisation.

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