Citydash: Liverpool Street Lurch


Roadtrip & Workshop, Shoreditch


This event is not currently available
Citydash: Liverpool Street Lurch

The multiplayer that unfolds on the streets of London

A real-life arcade game! Citydash is a real-world game of speed, stealth, and strategy, played in the heart of the city. Dash for checkpoints, replan on the fly, and duck for cover as our patrolling guards close in. Cryptic clues, checkpoint challenges and moving targets mean thinking matters as much as moving. The Liverpool Street Lurch is the same game with zombie guards. Can you outrun the living dead or out-think them? Feel free to dress up for the zombie apocalypse, there will be a prize for the best zombie survival outfit, however no fake weapons allowed (obviously no real weapons allowed either). This is a non contact game, the living dead will only be defeated using sneakiness, puzzle solving and/or speed. While there is no strict age limit, realistic zombie make up and costume will be part of the game so we advise against younger players unless supervised. Players must arrive at least half an hour before the game starts in order to ready up and receive the briefing. Wear shoes suitable for running, or at least sneaking and moving briskly.

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