Citydash: Shadow Over Shoreditch Halloween Special


Ziferblat, Shoreditch


This event is not currently available
Citydash: Shadow Over Shoreditch Halloween Special

Just because you've grown up, doesn't mean you should stop playing

"London's greatest urban adventure."

- Curious London
A looming shadow has cast darkness over Shoreditch. The artisan coffee shops have boarded up their windows and a hundred fixies are screeching as their moustachioed owners sprint back home. Sinister shapes are slithering out from the shadows and, in 66 minutes, the barriers around time will shatter and horrors will pour forth. There is one hope left: you and the rest of the Lumos Society. Crack the clues, locate the gates and shut them down. Outwit, outrun and hide from the evil that has already entered this realm. We're depending on you. Plus, if you make it alive, there's cocktails waiting for you at the other end. Not bad, as incentives go, eh? Not suitable for children. Fancy dress is encouraged. Game is followed by cocktails at the Member's Lounge.

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