Cosmic Seagull Bazaar: Independant Music Fair


Ugly Duck, Borough


This event is not currently available
Cosmic Seagull Bazaar: Independant Music Fair

Live art and hip-hop from London's young creatives

The infinite wonders of space. Britain's least-liked sea bird. The mysteries of the cosmos. A very good reason to avoid the seaside. On a normal Saturday night, the humble Seagull isn't thought of in the cosmic context. But this is no normal Saturday night. This is the the Cosmic Seagull Bazaar, and it's absolutely mental. It's as if the deepest corners of the internet were brought to the light. The realms of the sasquatch squad. The chasms where true believers bug out en masse. The place where notions of grammar go to die. The end of civilisation, sport. It's as if all the furthest fringes of the creative world were brought together for one day only, given a mic and a spray-can and told to go to town. It's a one off event and that might be for the best. With Onoe Caponoe, Tax Tron Delix and Clayton Kasady featured, we can promise there's nothing else like it in London. Book fast. Open 4pm-10:30pm.

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