Covent Garden Unseen Tour


Meet Outside Temple Tube Station, Covent Garden


This event is not currently available
Covent Garden Unseen Tour

Check out the area through the eyes of former homeless

You thought you knew Covent Garden what with all its street performers and lively markets. But oh, no, you’re missing some vital destinations. Like fun fact: the area used to be a red light district (now we know why Dickens frequented it so often) or that the world’s most haunted theatre resides in the area. To add to the unknown mysteries of the tour, there’s another twist. All the tours are led by Sock Mob Events, aka formerly homeless guides that offer a very interesting inside perspective to every corner and crevice of Covent Garden. Discover everything you never knew about one of London’s most happening areas. You’ll spot the tour by their very own cheeky/homemade cardboard sign. General admission. Please arrive on time or the tour will leave without you. Sorry, but no refunds for latecomers.

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