Dirty Wars + Q&A


Frontline Club, Paddington


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Dirty Wars + Q&A

An investigation into an elite group of special forces

Dirty Wars is an investigative documentary that traces the rise and effect of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), possibly the most secretive and elite fighting force in the US. Reporter Jeremy Scahill explores the group's history and covert operations, trying to make sense of a special outfit that has never appeared before Congress or indeed ever existed on paper. Playing by their own rules, the group has carried out drone strikes, night raids and torture exercises that generated unprecedented civilian casualties with no repercussions. From dusty huts in Pakistan to the steps of the US Congress, the film looks at the ugly face of war and how the latest 'war on terror' has spun out of control. After the screening there will be a special Q&A with producer Anthony Arnove and author Jeremy Scahill. General admission. Over 18s only. Please arrive on time.

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