Discover Tuesdays: Caesar Must Die


Clapham Picturehouse, Clapham


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Discover Tuesdays: Caesar Must Die

A brutal and mesmerising look at art atĀ itsĀ finest

Clapham Picturehouse has teamed up with The London Short Film Festival to bring you some of the greatest flicks to ever grace the festival scene. Caesar Must Die is the latest project from the innovative duo, the Taviani brothers, and landed them the Golden Bear at last year's Berlin Film Festival. It is the first project from the brothers after a five year hiatus and it does not disappoint. The quasi-documentary features real life prisoners staging a production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The scenes elegantly blur the lines between reality and art as performances are interrupted by personal interviews with the prisoners themselves. Harmony is displaced yet believable as the scenes switch between bursts of black-and-white and vibrant colour film. Caesar Must Die is a moving and uplifting film that digs deep within the context of Shakespeare's words to uncover the vital themes of crime and redemption. 'The Taviani brothers' account of a prison production of Julius Caesar marks a profoundly moving return to form' - The Guardian. General admission. Normally Ā£9.50 per ticket. You will be charged Ā£4.75 per ticket, which can be bought in pairs only (2 for the price of 1).

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