Disney's Pocahontas Film Screening + Treats


Phoenix Artist Club, Soho


This event is not currently available
Disney's Pocahontas Film Screening + Treats

It might be for a film for kids…but adults can enjoy it too

"A handsome, deeply felt, even more deeply reverent animated musical."

- Time Magazine
In their latest run of cinema treats, Phoenix Artist club are offering up a series of Disney classics for you to enjoy. This time around it's Pocahontas. Disney and their all-singing, all-dancing cast tell a story like no other. Can two people from wildly different worlds fall in love? Even with all the odds against them? And can a cheeky little raccoon stay out of trouble? Find out all that and more in Disney's classic, Pocahontas. Snack on popcorn, sip some fizz and dial the nostalgia up to 11, as you settle in for a daytime screening in the private members’ club that’s been entertaining entertainers since 1988. Suitable for all ages.

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