Special Event

Dr Clive’s Circus Presents: Fractured Fairytales


Jacksons Lane Theatre, Highgate


This event is not currently available
Dr Clive’s Circus Presents: Fractured Fairytales

What’s happened to our beloved fairy tale characters?

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (in Highgate), Little Red’s in foster care, Jack’s hooked up on beans from his beanstalk, Goldilocks is turning tricks, what the heck is going on? Can Dr Clive save our favourite childhood memories or are they beyond help? Starring Dr Clive, Amy Bee Sting & The Bear Naked Ladies, Legs Akimbo, The Chivaree Circus of Dischord and Harmony, Adam Oliver, and others, expect death-defying acrobatics, music, comedy, and rowdy tomfoolery. This is one wild chariot ride. General admission. Please note this show does contain adult content, strong language, and nudity. Fairy tale fancy dress encouraged and be prepared to get involved.

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