Escape Land Games: Professor Oxford's Experiments Or Da Vinci's Exploration

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Escape Land Oxford Street, Oxford Street


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Escape Land Games: Professor Oxford's Experiments Or Da Vinci's Exploration

Have you got what it takes to solve the puzzle and escape the room?

If you haven't played an escape game yet, where have you been? They are so London right now. Basically you and three to six mates get locked in a room fit to burst with clues, hidden objects, riddles, and puzzles to solve, all while trying to beat the clock and escape in under one hour. Escape Land have got two thrilling situations for you to try and get yourselves out of. Check out the details on each game below: - Professor Oxford's Experiments: Why is Professor Oxford doing secret experiments on his own home? What is he up to? And why is he inviting test subjects to analyse a medicine that is not strictly speaking legal? Similar to Escape Land’s original game (Escape From The Age Of Steampunk) it's best to go for the other option if you've already played with Escape Land in the past. - Da Vinci's Exploration: based on the life of the famed Italian inventor, this puzzle is sure to challenge your creativity in a truly unique game. You don't need to be strong and there won't be any jump scares. You and your team just need to be ready for a bit of a mental test and up for some fun. Reckon you'll be able to make your way out of the room? Good luck. The recommended age for participants is over 16. Younger children can play, but it is advised there are at least two adults with them. The whole event can take up to 1 hour 15 minutes, or could be under 1 hour if you're quick.

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