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FREE TICKETS: International Chessboxing


Scala, King's Cross


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FREE TICKETS: International Chessboxing

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'Mad fun.'

- - Time Out.
Hey there, we really want you to get out and have a great time this weekend, so we snagged a few extra tickets for you to check out International Chessboxing. Lucky you, if you're seeing this, you're in the running for some VIP tickets. This is easily going to be the best event of the week so go on, book it quick! Who says you can’t have both brains and brawn? It started out as a joke in an Amsterdam art gallery in 2003, but has since flourished into a fully-fledged sporting event. A simple concept really – play 4 minutes of chess, followed by 2 minutes of boxing. The one who reigns victorious does so either by knockout or checkmate. General admission. Over 18s only.

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