Future Cinema Presents The Shawshank Redemption

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Bethnal Green Library, Bethnal Green


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Future Cinema Presents The Shawshank Redemption

A completely immersive + interactive cinema experience

Ok, so this showing’s not so secret anymore. It’s been widely covered and very highly reviewed by critics all over. But that doesn’t make this any less intensely awesome and everyone’s been very careful to evade fine details to ruin all the small, intimate surprises. Future Cinema and The Secret Cinema team are masters of their sneakily intriguing craft. At your meeting point, you will be sentenced by a judge, frogmarched into buses, and driven to a prison circa the 1940s. You’ll get your prison uniforms and be left to your own devices as you discover hidden rooms, the canteen, the Library, get secret missions to the Warden’s office, who knows, the sky’s the limit and there’s no end to the level of detail here. You’ll of course watch the film at some point in this process, but the living, breathing circumstances of this cinema experience is what makes it all so special. 'It is somewhere between interactive theatre and being kidnapped, but in a good way.' - The Guardian. Tickets for general admission. Bring a pair of long johns, they will be necessary. Please note that with your ticket, you’ll also receive a free burger and a bottle of beer.

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