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Greenwich Comedy Festival: Jerry Sadowitz

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National Maritime Museum, Greenwich


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Greenwich Comedy Festival: Jerry Sadowitz

London's favourite comedy festival

"Funniest man in Britain."

- The Guardian
Hey gang. His Royal bitter twisted sick f**kness is back again and appearing in a tent in Greenwich in the hope that he can find some acrobat swings he can sniff. This year he'll be back with what he thinks is new material but due to creeping Alzheimer's disease will likely be old jokes and flashback references to Nelson Mandela. However… He can promise a lot of impotent shouting swearing and spitting as a means of misdirecting his self loathing onto well known public figures. What's not to love? Plus he does amazing card tricks, and he refuses to wear one of those stupid "around the face" headphones that only complete c**ts wear. Over 18s only.

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