Happiness Is A Cup Of Tea

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Leicester Square Theatre, Soho


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Happiness Is A Cup Of Tea

What do we do when we’re faced with our own mortality?

Meet Fiona Nash. Fiona's found herself on the cliff top at Beachyhead. It's the eve of her mother's death. Her sister's called. She wants Fiona to write the eulogy. Simple enough. Trouble is, Fiona has a lot of memories she’s not sure are memories anymore and actually might just be dreams. Still, she's trying... What do we do when we’re faced with our own mortality? Sometimes it's best to just have a cup of tea and a little sit down, Fiona will try to tell you all about it. Written and performed by Annie McKenzie and directed by Michael Tonkin-Jones (of Pipeline Theatre’s Spillikin: A Love Story), with music from Jack Lawtey and Sam Simmons; expect a few songs, a wee bit of ukulele, a little puppetry, clowning and the storm to end all storms. Fiona’s just trying to figure things out in that head of hers. And she would like to say a few words about her Mother. A few words. It’s time. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Seating is unreserved: we recommend getting there early to nab a good spot.

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