Heart Of Hackney Walk


Hackney Town Hall, Hackney


This event is not currently available
Heart Of Hackney Walk

Learn all its dirty secrets from a local history expert

Society has learned from its elders over generations, but what with all this new-fangled technology (whoops!) we’ve lost a bit of that connection. The Amazings are hell-bent on a mission to bring this back. And obviously we’re giving ‘em a big high five for doing so. Take a nice afternoon stroll with local history expert Sean Gubbins (who we think is adorable by the way) and you’ll trace Hackney’s heritage from Saxon settlement to present day. With its rich diversity, you’ll find the influences fashioned from 300 years of immigration, discover one of London’s oldest buildings, and figure out how it became the suburb it is today. Ever wonder where it got its name? You’ll have to hang with Sean to find out. General admission.

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