Honest Burgers Bottomless Boozy Brunch - Peckham

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Honest Burger Peckham


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Honest Burgers Bottomless Boozy Brunch - Peckham

A simple, quality bottomless boozy brunch

How do you like your BRUNCH in the morning? With unlimited BOOZE? Us too. Tickets include any brunch dish plus unlimited booze, for up to 90 minutes. Enjoy. BRUNCH DISHES: * Honest Brunch: smoked bacon, cumberland sausage, black pudding, fried egg, garlic mushrooms, bubble and squeak, honest beans and sourdough. * Brunch burger: 120g beef patty, smoked bacon, Red Leicester, garlic mushrooms, bubble and squeak and ketchup served with rosemary-salted chips. * Pork & egg: pork steak, honest beans, bubble and squeak, fried egg and breakfast gravy. * Mushroom on toast: smoked bacon, garlic mushrooms and fried egg on sourdough (vegetarian option available). * Avocado on toast: Brindisa chorizo, guacamole and fried egg on sourdough (vegetarian option available). * Granola: seasonal fruit granola, honeyed yoghurt and mixed berry coulis. * Bacon sandwich: braised bacon, smoked streaky bacon, bacon gravy and ketchup/brown sauce. * Bubble & squeak: bubble and squeak, fried egg, tomato, American cheese, ketchup on bun. BOOZE: * Paulaner Munich ‘Helles’ larger. * Prosecco. * Buck’s Fizz: prosecco and orange juice. * Pickle house bloody mary: Aylesbury Duck Vodka, tomato juice, Pickle House pickle juice, horseradish, honest pickled cucumber, and #1 Hot Sauce. * Botanic Garden: Fords Gin, apple, elderflower and lime. No refunds available. Customers cannot choose items from outside of the brunch menu. Tickets includes any one dish on their Brunch menu, plus bottomless brunch cocktails, for up to 90 minutes.

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