Hot Tub Cinema: Austin Powers


Former Shoreditch Underground Station, Brick Lane


This event is not currently available
Hot Tub Cinema: Austin Powers

Au contraire baby, you can't resist it

"Austin Powers works precisely because you can tell everyone's having a ball."

- Total Film
Somehow, watching the original Austin Powers movie in a hot tub feels absolutely right. This bang-on dose of '60s cheesiness works perfectly as hot bubbles tickle you in places you really shouldn't be tickled. That's the magic of Hot Tub Cinema's Underground lair, where Dr Evil and our shagadelic hero go head to head once again. We've even chucked in a free pair of YPlan sunglasses each, cause that's just the kinda guys we are. Yeah, baby, yeah. Single ticket general admission (not the whole tub). Over 18s only. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit, a bag for your belongings, a towel, dressing gown of some sort, and flip flops (but if you forget there are towels and dressing gowns available to buy on the night). A cloakroom is provided.

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