Hot Tub Halloween Special: Shaun Of The Dead


Former Shoreditch Underground Station, Brick Lane


This event is not currently available
Hot Tub Halloween Special: Shaun Of The Dead

A whirlpool of zombies

"It's pacily directed, nicely acted and boasts a script crammed with real gags."

- The Guardian
Halloween’s meant to celebrate the unusual, but there’s no getting away from it: zombies and bubbles are unlikely bedfellows. The unholy union starts to make sense however when you add Hot Tub Cinema into the mix. Paired with classic parody Shaun of the Dead and you’ve got the makings of a hilarious Halloween spent waist-deep in hot water. Is there a better way to celebrate this ghoulish holiday? We seriously doubt it. Single ticket general admission (not the whole tub). Over 18s only. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit, a bag for your belongings, a towel, dressing gown of some sort, and flip flops (but if you forget there are towels and dressing gowns available to buy on the night). A cloakroom is provided.

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