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Improfest UK

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Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden


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Improfest UK

A Festival of Improvisation in London

IMPRO FEST UK 2017 Now inits sixth year ImproFestUK brings you the BIGGEST and BEST festival ofimprovisational comedy theatre London has ever seen. From established groups tonew kids on the block - the week captures the diversity of spontaneous theatreacross the UK. Music? Comedy? Drama? ... the audience suggests it and the performers do the rest. Full line-up - Sunday 26th March,1pm - Sprout – “The Play Is The Thing” 3pm - Phil Mann – “Nothingism”4.30pm - KEITH– “The Flower” Monday 27th March, 7pm - Improvisers Anonymous – “In A Spin”8.30pm - Third Person - “Clowns Are Not Funny” Tuesday 28th March, 7pm - Two Of Wands, 8.30pm - Norman The Dapper Rapper – “Brexit Fallout Shelter” Wednesday 29th March,7pm - Improvable, 8.30pm - CSI:Crime Scene Improvisation Thursday 30th March,7pm - The Just Us League 8.30pm - Watch This Improv - “Improvabunga” Friday 31st March, 6.30pm - Hive Mind – “An Offer You Can Refuse”, 8pm - Three Worlds, 9.30pm - Human Machine– “Binary 2” (World Premiere) Saturday 1st April, 3pm - ImproFestUK Charity Show For Cancer Research, 4.30pm - Brewhaha, 6pm - Human Machine– “Binary 2” (World Premiere), 7.30pm - The May Days – “HappilyNever After”, 9pm - Music Box – The Improvised Musical Over 16s only. Valid ID required.

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