In The Picture With Greg Constantine: Nowhere People


Frontline Club, Paddington


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In The Picture With Greg Constantine: Nowhere People

What are we without a nation?

For an estimated ten million people around the world, the question “what am I without a nation?” is a constant reality. Photojournalist Greg Constantine has spent the past decade documenting the lives of the stateless around the world. He will be joining us to present Nowhere People, a body of work that reveals the human face of statelessness whilst providing tangible evidence of a problem that is far too easy to ignore. Greg Constantine is an American photojournalist currently based in Southeast Asia. Since the beginning of his career he has worked on longterm projects such as Moments From Modern Day Edo (about Tokyo), A Matter of Exposure (about North Korean Refugees) and The Road to Re-Entry (about formerly incarcerated women in Watts, Los Angeles).

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