Intro To Hotpod Yoga Workshop


Hotpod Yoga HQ, Hackney


This event is not currently available
Intro To Hotpod Yoga Workshop

Get ready to be introduced to Hotpod Yoga at this excellent workshop

A 90 minute class to introduce newcomers to Hotpod Yoga for the first time. A slowed-down version of the regular Hotpod Flow class, the instructor will provide more demonstration, more detailed explanation and will work through the full series of postures for maximum comprehension and comfort. An ideal way to step into the pod for the first time – it'll leave you perfectly prepared for the future! Pod (n): an inflatable, cocoon-like, 20-person yoga space, heated to 37 degrees, designed to transport Hotpod Yoga-goers into an otherworldly setting. The pod’s purpose is to super-charge the yoga experience through its unique and perpetually perfect interior, which heightens efficacy, mellows ambience and guarantees a consistently immersive environment.

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