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Kitchen Theory: México

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Maida Hill Place, Maida Hill


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Kitchen Theory: México

An immersive and multi-sensory dining celebration of modern Mexico

Do you know what's a crying shame? The fact that, for most people, their knowledge of Mexican cuisine doesn't extend beyond burritos, chilli con carne and Old El Paso fajita kits. With vibrant flavours, unique produce, an innovative culinary scene and a UNESCO designation of Intangible Culinary Heritage Of Humanity to boot, the Mexicans are pretty hot stuff in the kitchen. And Kitchen Theory want to make sure everyone knows this. Expect an authentic, refined, modernist interpretation of Mexican gastronomy without a nacho, sombrero or maraca in sight. There may be, however, a few insects dotted around: they've been considered a culinary delicacy in Mexico since ancient times.

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