Last Chance - 175 Years of the RCA


Royal College of Art, Kensington


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Last Chance - 175 Years of the RCA

Finally getting the recognition they deserve

The Royal College of Art likes to sit in the background while its alumni make prolific achievements throughout history. Well, their silence is no more. Highlighting 3 phenomenal design talents, the show will focus on the makings of: James Dyson, Robin Day, & Matthias Kulla (trust us, you’ve come across all their products, at least in theory). They’ll also showcase the breadth of talent by various other alumni artists (famous milliner, Philip Treacy for one). In short, it’s a charted history through the successful nurturing education tactics used by RCA. Worth a pop through, for sure. ‘The Royal College of Art may not be the first thing you think of when you're in a public lav with your hands down a Dyson Airblade; nor when sitting in a ubiquitous polyprop stacking chair; nor, indeed, when a new-shape Porsche 911 purrs by in the street.’ - Time Out (on the 3 highlighted artists). General admission. This is the last day of the exhibition, which closes at 5.30pm. This event is free. We need your card details to confirm the booking but rest assured, we won't charge you a penny.

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