Les Misérables


Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey


This event is not currently available
Les Misérables

Cinema adaptation of one of the best stories ever written

Victor Hugo was an absolutely brilliant poet, and some may argue, an even better writer. One of the best stories ever written by the man, Les Misérables, is so good it’s held the baffling title of ‘the world’s longest running musical’ (followed directly by Phantom of the Opera) that holds over 96 international awards. Wowza. So how does one take a tale so epic in written format and on the stage and transform it into movie magic? Easy. Get British director Tom Hooper of The King’s Speech fame and some star-studded actors to play your key characters, and boom, eight Oscar nominations, nine Bafta nominations, and a Golden Globe for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress are yours. Trust us, after seeing it, you’ll be singing the slave song ‘Look Down’ for days. ‘Les Misérables is about holding on to hope in the most desperate conditions, and it ends in the victory of love in a context of political defeat.’ - The Guardian. General admission. Tickets are normally £8. You will be charged £15 per ticket, which includes a glass of house wine or pint of lager and a gourmet, locally-sourced hotdog.

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