Lincoln Screening


Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey


This event is not currently available
Lincoln Screening

Starring the best actor since, um, ever

If you haven’t heard of the ridiculous amount of award-winning Steven Spielberg directed quasi-biopic by now, we fear you’ve been living in a cave. Which is cool, but you’d be missing out on one of the most impressive acting performances that we can recall. As the Civil War rages, the beloved American president struggles as he fights with everyone under the sun to emancipate the slaves. Look, we’re not sure who Daniel Day-Lewis is because we’re pretty certain the guy on the big screen was actually Abraham Lincoln (we kid, kind of). General admission. ‘…Lincoln is complex and endearing, never fully likeable but always hugely admirable, and because of these happy contradictions Lincoln works as a snapshot of a great man without ever slipping into a portrait of sainthood.’ - Time Out. Tickets are normally £8. You will be charged £15 per ticket, which includes a glass of house wine or pint of lager and a gourmet, locally-sourced hotdog.

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