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London Short Film Festival: Homage To Adam Yauch + Mower

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Miranda – Ace Hotel, Shoreditch


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London Short Film Festival: Homage To Adam Yauch + Mower

Celebrating the Beastie Boys legend himself

Many of you will know Adam Yauch as a co-founder of the successful American hip-hop band The Beastie Boys. However, it is not very well known that he also directed many of the group’s music videos under the pseudonym Nathaniel Hörnblowér, a quirky Swiss film maker. Yauch was the driving force behind the ambitious and humorous videos that were at least as influential for the music video genre as the Beastie Boys’ music was. The programme celebrates Yauch, who died in 2012, as an indie artist, who was neither bothered by style nor technique and certainly didn’t worry about good taste. All that counted for him were lunatic ideas, a fearless love for experimenting and the courage to produce creative trash, true to the motto “Fight For Your Right – to party”. Following the screening, Mower will finihs off the night with a live set. Running order: - Shadrach (Nathaniel Hörnblowér [Adam Yauch], US 1989, 5 min) - Ciao LA (Spike Jonze, US 1994, 7 min) - Intergalactic (Nathaniel Hörnblowér [Adam Yauch], US 1998, 5 min) - Three MC's And One DJ (Nathaniel Hörnblowér [Adam Yauch], US 1999, 5min) - A Day In The Life Of Nathaniel Hörnblowér (Nathaniel Hörnblowér [Adam Yauch], US 2006, 26 min) - Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Spike Jonze, US 2011, 11 min) - Fight For Your Right Revisited (Adam Yauch, US 2011, 30 min) Over 18s only. Valid ID required.

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