Manet: Portraying Life


Hackney Picturehouse, Hackney


This event is not currently available
Manet: Portraying Life

The life of a visionary

Here is your chance to see a special screening of the genius that was Edouard Manet. The film explores the first every major exhibition in the UK of Manet's work at the Royal Academy of the Arts. Often sold out and described as the most comprehensive exposition of the man's work, the portraits within the show present some of the most enigmatic pieces of Manet's friends, family and celebrities of his time. The film also explores the controversial artist's life, a riveting biography woven into scenes of the exhibition and the painstaking efforts needed to set up such an important event. Witness the legendary work ethic of the forward-thinking artist and the influence he had over the art world today. 'Ever-changing, constantly self-renewing, Manet sees no limit to the kinds of painting that can be made' - The Guardian. General admission.

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