Meet The Expert: Falling In Love With Public Speaking


Home House Private Members Club, Marylebone


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Meet The Expert: Falling In Love With Public Speaking

Fall in love with public speaking

Welcome to another edition of Meet the expert, which brings you a motivating speaker Falling in LOVE with Public Speaking session (beginners). PONY Express teaches in an interactive & experiential way. Experiential learning is a high-impact educational training practice. It’s a learner-centered approach that gets you off your chair, out of your comfort zone, actively involved and responsible for your progress in a safe environment. This training format guarantees an immediate and noticeable difference in your communication approach. How come we are fine having a 1-2-1 conversation but get incredibly nervous in front of many? This session will present you some of the most powerful techniques in order to control nerves and come across as confident in front of any audience. It will help you to overcome self-judgement and self-consciousness when speaking in public. Confidence is so important because how you see yourself is how others will see you too. This session is sharpening your self-awareness, helping you to deal with the ‘critical voices’ in your head. Take home tools & ideas easy to implement and many crazy ideas to improve your confidence and overcome self-doubt, despite the fears. The ticket allows one person to enter the venue from 7pm. Dress code is smart and elegant or smart casual. Call 07789740193 for more information.

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