Theatre and Comedy

Mister Holgado


Unicorn Theatre, London Bridge


This event is not currently available
Mister Holgado

A ghoulishly hilarious treat

Behind the front door of 19C Marshall Potovsky Street, in the dark city of Schwartzgarten, lives Conrad, a little boy whose life is turned upside down when his seemingly normal parents invite a strange and frightening guest into their lives. Will anybody believe him when he explains that Mister Holgado, far from being the gentleman he seems, is in fact a child-eating monster who lives in Conrad's wardrobe? This hilariously horrifying tale will keep you on the edge of your seat with both laughter and shivers – don’t miss it. 'Eating children is wrong, but the attempt turns out to be gloriously ghoulish fun in Christopher William Hill's mouthwatering fantasy for the over-eights.' - The Guardian. General admission.

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