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Molecular Gastronomy Cooking Classes


Maida Hill Place, Paddington


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Molecular Gastronomy Cooking Classes

Unleash your inner Heston Blumenthal

Molecular gastronomy is where food, art and science meet to create a spectacle for your palette. In this four-hour workshop with Jozef Youssef you'll learn the basics of molecular gastronomy as outlined in his book Molecular Gastronomy at Home. The first half of this workshop will cover the theory and principles of molecular gastronomy techniques, looking at hydrocolloids, gels, foams and mousses, the science behind the techniques, the variations as well as hints, tips and tricks. Lunch, tea and coffee are included. Spend the second half of the day hands on learning the following techniques: - Spherification - Hot gels - Agar agar spaghetti - Foams and mousses Lunch, tea and coffee are included.

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