Mouse Taxidermy Class


The Vaults, Launcelot Street, Waterloo


This event is not currently available
Mouse Taxidermy Class

A beginners workshop in the art of taxidermy

Join taxidermist Suzette Field for a beginners class in anthropomorphic mouse taxidermy. All materials, including a mouse for each student, will be provided, and each class member will leave at the end of the day with their own anthropomorphic mouse. Students are invited to bring any miniature items which they might like to dress or decorate their new friend with or additionally some props and miniature clothing will be provided by the teacher. A wide variety of mice will be available, and no former taxidermy experience is required. Children under 16 are permitted but must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Valid ID required. Please note: all mice are ethically sourced and were not killed specifically for these workshops. Rodents were bred as feeder animals for snakes and lizards and would be discarded if they weren’t sold.

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