Mouths in A Glass Monologues: Two Night Preview Run


The New Shoreditch Theatre, Old Street


This event is not currently available
Mouths in A Glass Monologues: Two Night Preview Run

A two night preview run of Mouths in A Glass Monologues

The New Shoreditch Theatre is delighted to bring you two preview performances of Sophie Dora-Hall's fantastic one-woman show Mouths in a Glass Monologues. This preview run is ahead of a full production later in the year. Dora, Actress with a Capital A, exhibits her menagerie of madcap characters in this series of comedy monologues. "Mark glided into the room like some sort of panther. He did this godforsaken twirl and then posed, legs akimbo, a mix between Shirley Bassey and Scooby Doo..." - 'Angel' Written and performed by Sophie Dora-Hall, Mouths in A Glass is a colourful and at times absurd look into the minds and mouths of a variety of women including a doll disgruntled at her treatment, a fragile housewife stuck in the wrong era, a german hairdresser with an unexpected client, a frustrated psycho-therapist and a Polish woman searching for sausage. Full of one-liners, darkly humouros anecdotes and led by a slightly off-kilter performer... "And just when I think the day can't get any worse, who rocks up? Only her little friend Beyoncé carrying Tiny bloody Tim. He's a dirty little show and so. She found him three weeks ago in Oxfam. He's got black marks on his legs and his willy has been chewed..." - 'A Doll's Life' Please arrive early for the show. No late entry.

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