Special Event

Musical Bingo's 6th Birthday


Concrete, Shoreditch


This event is not currently available
Musical Bingo's 6th Birthday

An unusual twist on a classic game...roll out the presents

‘A fantastic night out.’

- - Spoonfed.
No, bingo is not just for your Nan and her friends. And this isn’t your ordinary bingo game. One part dance down and a million parts fun, Musical Bingo is filled with silly shenanigans that never get old. You’ll get a unique card where each round takes on a different theme...then the party begins. Your compere Ditzy Ritzy and Eleanor Conway will guide you through the rules and prizes while your DJs take turns in a quick fire medley of songs. Mark up your bingo card, and some sweet prizes could be yours. There’s really no losing here because even if you don’t win something, you’ll have so much fun, it won’t even matter. This one’s definitely a fave of ours. General admission.

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