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Nomad Cinema Presents: Burn After Reading


Paddington Street Gardens, Marylebone


This event is not currently available
Nomad Cinema Presents: Burn After Reading

Join the wandering band of movie mavericks for a special film screening

"It would be no country for movie lovers without the Coens. They still manage to run unmuzzled while the rest of Hollywood runs scared."

- Rolling Stone
How many ways are there to see a movie? Well, when you add movie magicians The Nomad Cinema into the conversation, the possibilities are endless. Nomad Cinema have no fixed home: they journey from venue to venue, always finding fresh pastures to screen cult classics and old favourites. For this one, get ready for Coen Brother's classic Burn After Reading. Burn After Reading depicts the series of events following the loss of a memoir-containing computer disc by a low-level government agent. Cue murder, affairs, and double-crossing galore in classic Coen style, managing to make even the most serious subjects hilarious. If you like your laughs dark, this one's perfect for you. Certificate: 15. Running time: 1 hour 34 minutes. Doors open: 6pm. Food and drink available to purchase. Picnics with alcohol permitted.

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