Nomad Cinema Presents: Thelma + Louise

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Grosvenor Square, Mayfair


This event is not currently available
Nomad Cinema Presents: Thelma + Louise

Join the wandering band of movie mavericks for a special film screening

"This wincingly funny, pertinent and heartbreaking road movie means to get under your skin, and it does."

- Rolling Stone
How many ways are there to see a movie? Well, when you add movie magicians The Nomad Cinema into the conversation, the possibilities are endless. Nomad Cinema have no fixed home: they journey from venue to venue, always finding fresh pastures to screen cult classics and old favourites. For this one, get ready for our favourite girl-power flick Thelma And Louise. Grosvenor Square hosts part of the Grosvenor Film Festival and it's the perfect place to adventure with Thelma And Louise. From director Ridley Scott comes this visionary picture that uses the tradition of the American road movie to tell some truths about women’s lives. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are a waitress and a housewife who take off in a ’66 Thunderbird looking for a good time. In the process, they manage to raise some hell and take on the world in ways they never imagined. Certificate: 15. Running time: 2 hour 10 minutes. Fully accessible. Food and drink available to purchase. Picnics with alcohol permitted. This screening is silent with Wi-Fi headsets. Doors open: 8pm.

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