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Nomad Cinema Presents: Total Recall

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Meantime Brewery, Greenwich


This event is not currently available
Nomad Cinema Presents: Total Recall

Baby, you make me wish I had three hands

How many ways are there to see a movie? Well, when you add movie magicians The Nomad Cinema into the conversation, the possibilities are endless. Nomad Cinema have no fixed home: they journey from venue to venue, always finding fresh pastures to screen cult classics and old favourites. For this one, get ready for a screening of Total Recall. Is it a dream, or is it reality? Find out down at the Meantime Brewery. One thing's for sure, Total Recall is one of the most iconic, violent, '80s action movies – with triple-breasted aliens thrown in for good measure. When Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime) grows weary of his humdrum life and unending routine, he seeks out a mysterious company who offer to implant memories of an amazing holiday you've never taken. Quaid decides he wants to be a secret agent on Mars and the procedure begins. However things soon go wrong as hidden memories of Quaid's are unlocked. What follows is a paranoid, violent, sci-fi thriller that hits the ground running and never stops – a classic Paul Verhoeven grime-fest that has generated a huge cult following over the last 26 years. Over 18s only. Valid ID required. Picnics may be brought on to site, but not alcohol. A full bar and catering will be available. Tickets include a Meantime beer (or soft drink) on arrival. Doors open: 7:45pm. Caution: due to the fact Meantime produces consumable goods (namely, beer) there are very strict health and safety laws and procedures in place to ensure our beer is not contaminated. Therefore, nuts or foods that may contain nuts are not to be brought on to site.

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