Panic: Making Films Against The Odds

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Barbican, London


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Panic: Making Films Against The Odds

Is there enough diversity in filmmaking today?

Who can make films today and who can make a living as a filmmaker? What kinds of films are even possible in the UK these days? Equipment has become cheaper and more widely available, and films can be distributed and watched on an increasingly wide variety of platforms. Yet, the diversity of filmmaking in the UK is not a given. Austerity and the shrinking of the public sector is undoubtedly having an effect on who can and can’t get a start in the film industry. Join filmmakers Cecile Emeke (Ackee & Saltfish, Strolling) and Destiny Ekaragha (Tight Jeans), writer and programmer Simran Hans and BAFTA’s Director of Learning & Events, Tim Hunter for an evening of screenings and debate about the ways to ensure UK film culture maintains and increases its diversity of talent and films.

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