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Po' Boys New Orleans Style Pop-Up: Five Courses + Hurricane Cocktail

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The Yard, Vauxhall


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Po' Boys New Orleans Style Pop-Up: Five Courses + Hurricane Cocktail

Five courses of authentic soul food

"The crayfish (or shrimp here in good ol' Britain), pickled and doused with Cajun spices, was an insane combination of taste and texture, and the pork ribs, served in a Dr Pepper sauce, were quite literally the best ribs ever, on acid, times a thousand."

- Twenty Something London
Nothing warms the soul like Southern cooking. We're talking hearty, home-cooked fare, exported from Louisiana to a pop-up restaurant near you. Tuck into five courses of culinary brilliance plus a Hurricane cocktail, set to a soundtrack of jazz, funk and soul. Close your eyes and you could easily be in New Orleans. Menu sneak peek: - Po' Boys Roulette: jalapeño pank poppers stuffed with three cheeses - Bubba Gemski's Shrimp: pickled crawfish in Cajun spices - Dr Pepper Ribs: sticky BBQ ribs with Dr Pepper dipping sauce - Wenny's Big Mamma Gumbo: chicken and smoked sausage gumbo with hushpuppies - Mississippi Mud Pie: a chocolate car crash topped with whipped whiskey cream - Cawfee: coffee brewed with a dash of bourbon When purchasing tickets, please submit the names of anyone who has booked separately if you wish to sit with them. If you are vegetarian or have any allergies, please send notification 24 hrs in advance to

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