Special Event

Pop Up Screens - The Grinch


Dray Walk, Brick Lane


This event is not currently available
Pop Up Screens - The Grinch

He’s a mean one, that Mr Grinch

Walk through Pop Up Screens’ magical wardrobe (yep, you read that right), navigate your way through the forest (yes, trees!) & find yourself smack-dab in the middle of a cinema full of snow. There’s a full bar, special treats (like hot chocolate the consistency of custard) & more. Based on the famous Dr Seuss story, Jim Carrey plays the nasty, green monster with a foul attitude living in exile from Whoville. Banished to a grumpy seclusion, the Grinch hates Christmas (for shame!) & plots to steal it from the Whos in any cunning way he can. That is, until Cindy Lou Who spreads her childish charm. Watch this screening of The Grinch & let all your holiday hatreds melt away. General admission.

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