Press Play Outdoor Screening: The Breakfast Club

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Netil House, Hackney


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Press Play Outdoor Screening: The Breakfast Club

An 80s cult classic screened in memorable surroundings

"From the neon-sign opening titles to the derivative angst of the dialogue, it's a touchstone of '80s pop culture."

- Entertainment Weekly
There’s a lot to take in up on the rooftops at London’s creative core in Hackney. Never mind the view: on-screen is where the action’s at. Nurse a cocktail and load up on street food while you wait for the feature to start; and, as always, you'll receive a free bag of Propercorn with every ticket. Tonight’s offering is the definitive '80s teen movie, The Breakfast Club. Written and directed by John Hughes and starring a 23-year-old Emilio Estevez, The Breakfast Club follows a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal as they put aside their differences to make a weekend detention bearable. (Don’t worry, all the stereotypes are represented so no one feels left out.) Hailing from 1985, this film is now celebrating its 30-year anniversary, so why not celebrate from on top of a roof in Hackney. "Eminently watchable and consistently entertaining...It has a candour that is unexpected and refreshing in a sea of too-often generic teen-themed films." – ReelViews "Hughes has made funnier (Ferris Bueller) and better (Pretty In Pink), but this is the only one you could get away with calling iconic. Good and bad, it's still the definitive '80s teen movie." – Empire Certificate: 15. Valid ID required. Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes.

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