Prestige Art Tours: Roman Heads At The British Museum

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The British Museum, Holborn


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Prestige Art Tours: Roman Heads At The British Museum

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Led by Dr Niamh Bhalla, this tour will get you to grips with the most important genre of Roman art: the portrait. Portraits abounded in Roman society in all formats, from life-sized sculptures to portrait busts and profile images on coins and gemstones. Many different types of people were represented from statesmen and unknown individuals, who are otherwise lost from the historical record, to emperors, empresses and noblewomen. There's a great deal of depth and complexity to Roman portraiture, so expect to hear all about the nuances and ideas behind the form. Perfect for seasoned art historians and those just dipping their toes alike. Meeting point is inside the British Museum, at the end of the long bench near the information desk.

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