Put Your Stamp On It


Benjamin Franklin House


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Put Your Stamp On It

Learn about Benjamin Franklin and the dreaded Stamp Act

In the heart of London is Benjamin Franklin House, the world's only remaining Franklin home. For nearly sixteen years between 1757 and 1775, Dr Benjamin Franklin – scientist, diplomat, philosopher, inventor, Founding Father Of The United States and more – lived behind its doors. Built circa 1730, it is today a dynamic museum and educational facility. Benjamin Franklin House Director, Dr. Márcia Balisciano, will show that while Franklin did not initially realise the furore the Stamp Act would cause, he played an important role in its repeal. Looking back on it today, she will argue it was a catalyst for the eventual American Revolution. Runtime: 6:30pm-8pm. Friends + Family Tickets are only available to those who are Friends of the Benjamin Franklin House.

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