Quiz Dating In The West End

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Black & Blue (Mortimer's Bar), West End


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Quiz Dating In The West End

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So you meet Mr or Mrs Right. Everything's perfect. You like the same food, you watch the same TV. You've met each others family. Everything's great. But then you go to a pub quiz…and they're on their phone. They don't know the capital of Macedonia. They're not taking this seriously. This is a nightmare! Stop stressing and breathe. We've sorted it. Go quiz dating in the West End and make sure you're both on the same wave length, because if they don't know which year Forrest Gump won Best Picture at the Oscar's, what's the point? PS it's 1994. Age guide – Males: 25-37. Females: 23-34. Valid ID required. Please arrive on time as latecomers may not be admitted.

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