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Rebel Bingo

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Scala, King's Cross


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Rebel Bingo

It’s the black sheep of the bingo family

The idea was born whilst drunk in the basement of a church hall, as all great ideas usually are, so you know it’s gotta be good. Sure you get a card and a pen to mark it up, but that’s where the resemblances with the old school game end. Think of Rebel Bingo more like a giant dance party with a side of bingo and less like your Nan’s bingo hall shenanigans. There’s a countdown to a bunch of different games, prizes so silly and awesome you’ll wonder why you didn’t own them before, and partying so hard you’ll probably get marked up yourself by the end of the night. Rebel Bingo is not a game, guys, this is a global revolution. ‘No one quite knows what goes on here. Expect mayhem and debauchery, but the rules are simple: if you don’t like drinking, dancing, loud music, and shouting, don’t come.’ - Counterfeit Mag. General admission. Over 18s only. Please be aware that very strong language may be used. If this might offend you, we suggest this is not the event for you.

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