Regent Street Cinema Presents: Fitzcarraldo


Regent Street Cinema, Marylebone


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Regent Street Cinema Presents: Fitzcarraldo

Watch this award-winning classic in the oldest cinema in the UK

"As a document of a quest and a dream, and as the record of man's audacity and foolish, visionary heroism, there has never been another movie like it."

- Roger Ebert
Regent Cinema – Britain's oldest cinema – was the first place in the country to ever show moving pictures, kickstarting British cinema with a screening of Cinematographe in 1896. Since its reopening in May 2015 the staff have been dedicated to both engaging with the cinemas legacy and ensuring its future for audiences and filmmakers. Fitzcarraldo is the extraordinary odyssey based on the story of an obsessed impresario whose foremost desire is to bring both Enrico Caruso and an opera house to the deepest jungles of South America. Certificate: PG. Runtime: 2 hours 38 minutes.

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